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Adventure and Escape Room

Escape Adventure Canada is a real life escape adventure room game. We are Kitchener - Waterloo's ultimate escape room game! Escape Adventure Canada is great for a night out with family or friends, corporate events, groups and teams, and special occasions. Our escape rooms are perfect for all ages. Conveniently book online. Exciting, Real and Fun!

Game Activity Rules


The safety of our customers and guests is our number one priority. The game activity requires moving, bending, searching and using simple tools such as locks and keys. You are voluntarily participating in the activity. These risks may result: an increase in adrenaline and/or emotional stress, bumping into people or other objects and strenuous bodily movement. In extreme or rare circumstances the bodily injury resulting from falling, slipping and/or tripping may occur. This list is not an exclusive or exhaustive list of possible injuries, trauma, or accidents that may occur. The game contains flashing lights, special effects and sounds. 

We do not recommend playing the game for pregnant or expecting mothers or those with asthma, anxiety disorders, claustrophobia, epilepsy, heart conditions, panic attacks or similar conditions. Customers or guests under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other illegal substance(s) are not permitted to participate in the game. 

While participating, you will not engage in any of the following behaviours:

  • Do not use brute or excessive physical force.
  • Do not move large objects such as decorations or furniture.
  • Do not throw any objects.
  • Do not stand on any objects such as chairs or table.

In case of an emergency, cease participation in the activity and leave the room. The door to the room is not locked.


1. The purpose of the game is to search the room to identify clues, solve puzzles and use simple tools. 

2. To win the game and escape you must solve all the puzzles and find the code or key to open the door.

3. During the game you will use simple tools including keys, locks, measuring tape and/or rulers to solve the puzzles. 

4. All objects in the room must be handled and treated with care. 

5. Cameras, Cellular Phones or other electronic devices are not permitted in the room.

6. Our staff have the right to interrupt or stop the game play at any time.











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